37mm concussion


Armywhile other services initially kept using the older M It had to be more reliable, ergonomic, accurate, and safer than the M After the U. Marine Corps unit to be issued the M Some of the benefits are:. It includes a folding foregrip and shorter barrel for a more compact package. The sights had to be reconfigured to shoot accurately with the slightly different ballistics from the shorter barrel length.

The system was supposed to be lighter than the M it is actually slightly heavier and does not require specific mounting hardware. Breech loading allows the grenadier to load a shell while keeping the sight on target. This meant two separate operations had to be performed when adding the grenade launcher to the weapon, and since the sights were not integral to the M, they had to be re-zeroed every time the launcher was reattached to the rifle.

The LRF helps eliminate range estimation errors common in shots greater than meters, thus increasing first round hit probability. Its breech opens to the side, allowing it to fire a variety of newer rounds which are longer, in particular certain non-lethal rounds, such as Federal Laboratories' "exact impact" brand name non-lethal sponge batons or sponge grenades.

In case of misfire, the M operator merely has to pull the trigger again. The M used a single-action mode, which cocks the weapon as the barrel is opened.

The M operator has to open the barrel by unlocking it and pushing forward to cock the weapon and then re-close the barrel, then pull the trigger again. The problem with this is that in opening the barrel, the grenade is designed to eject and the operator must ensure that it does not fall to the ground.

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The weapon's introduction was not without criticism. Soldiers complained about switching from the simple, more streamlined M to one with more sophisticated attachments although this could be attributed simply to the change from a long-standing "tried and true" system to a new one.

Complaints ranged from the forward grip and sighting system, the pistol grip handle catching on things, and the side loading mechanism. They even criticized its ability to act as a stand-alone launcher, a feature included in response to troops re-acquiring Vietnam -era M79 grenade launchers that supposedly gave better accuracy when fired from the shoulder than if slung under a rifle, although the collapsible stock is somewhat short for the task.

The M has the ability to fire detached from a rifle. Soldiers have reported difficulties carrying it unmounted, as its one-point sling does not hold it securely. Carrying by the sling would cause it to bounce around and sometimes be dragged through dirt. Soldiers wanted to carry the M in a holster to provide protection, rather than just putting it in their rucksack.

Three commercial vendors produced holsters each. The SEP used the "buy-try-decide" concept, which allows the Army to test the functionality of equipment without spending much time on research and development. Soldiers from the 75th Ranger Regiment were given a dozen holsters and went through standardized tests in mid-Mayafter which they filled out surveys.

The next step was to test them with an entire brigade.

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As of Julythe holsters were being evaluated by soldiers in Afghanistan. Project officials were to make a recommendation to Fort Benning by the beginning of fiscal year From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Type of Grenade launcher. Army Magazine. Archived from the original on 8 February Modern Firearms.All oral histories featured on this site are available to license. You may receive the oral history in its entirety but will be free to use only the specific clips that you requested. Please contact the Museum at digitalcollections nationalww2museum.

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Reflections Friendships. He grew up in Queens and attended Catholic high school there. Between home and the Catholic schools, he experienced discipline at an early age. His father owned an automobile repair shop during the Depression. His father was a good craftsman and manager so the family never wanted during the Depression.The Ordnance Group is a premier manufacturer of a wide variety of 37mm, single-shot launchers for civilian and law enforcement use.

With manufacturing facilities based in Florida, it has introduced a number of very innovative launching systems, the most interesting of which are those that are able to attach to Picatinny railing on AR forends.

37mm concussion

These rail-mounted launchers create a very good imitation of M military 40mm under-barrel grenade launchers, which found fame on the battlefields in Vietnam. So, when you own one of these, you are actually holding a piece of history in your hands.

The new TAC-D Pivot is one of the most innovative launchers I have seen and is unique among civilian and law enforcement launchers for several reasons.

When Ordnance Group owner and founder Ed Dittus called to tell me about the new launcher, I was eager to get my hands on a test sample. Ed provided one in short order, and I must say that it was even better than he described.

Before I go on, let me provide some info to those who are not familiar with 37mm, single-shot launchers for civilian purchase. Basically, 37mm, single-shot launchers can be purchased legally online or from a gun store without a background check in jurisdictions where there are no local regulations for anyone age 21 or older without a criminal record. These launchers are legal when used by civilians with non-impact ammunition such as signaling flares, bird-bomb fireworks rounds, tear-gas rounds or smoke rounds.

This strikes me as odd.

37mm concussion

The federal government would rather have you defend yourself with a lethal gauge shotgun than with a less-than-lethal, 37mm riot-control impact round. Note that you can purchase an Ordnance Group 37mm-togauge conversion shell for firing gauge flares and blank rounds. But if you use these gauge impact or standard lethal rounds from your launcher rather that an actual shotgun without registering it as a destructive device, you are in violation of federal law.

All the information you need to keep you legal can be found here. Knowing that I requested the TAC-D Pivot which comes standard as an under-barrel model with the included stand-alone conversion kit, I thought that some of the parts must be missing. Everything was in the pack: the under-barrel launcher, the M4 shoulder stock and AR pistol grip. All the tools needed to attach those parts, as well as the under-barrel rail adaptor, were in there too. The reason everything fits in that small pouch is that the barrel of the Pivot 37 is only 6 inches long, making it one compact and easy-to-handle launcher.

It is an ideal size for a survival kit for bug-out, camping or boating. Originally, these civilian launchers were developed for boat defense against off-shore pirates in international waters where firearms are illegal.

The Tac-D Pivot is constructed of hardened steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. The under-barrel pivot weighs only 2 pounds, 5 ounces, and the stand-alone model with stock and pistol grip attached is only 3 pounds, 11 ounces. This light weight is really important if you want to attach the Tac-D Pivot to your M4 while still keeping it maneuverable.

I unpacked the kit and attached the M4 carbine stock and pistol grip in a matter of minutes to the Tac-D Pivot.

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This makes for much more convenient loading and unloading than models that slide the barrel forward for loading because the breech of the Pivot stays in easy reach rather than moving away from the user. To close the action for loading or securing, rotate the barrel back in.

Then, pull it firmly down toward the receiver, locking it in place. It is very easy and very ingenious. Speaking of the barrel, the ribbed forward grip is machined as part of the barrel itself and is not subject to breakage as a polymer grip covering would be.

On the underside of the barrel is a section of Picatinny railing to which one could attach a vertical foregrip. The feel and operation of the Tac-D Pivot is excellent as is, and I am concerned that if you add a foregrip, you might slow the operation of the barrel mechanism.

That rail is better used for adding a micro-laser sight, which is really handy for under-barrel mounting. Atop the receiver is another section of rail for sighting equipment, which runs to the forward hinge area. Like the lower rail section, one could mount an optic to this rail, but I would not.

The optic just adds more bulk and weight and is not a necessary addition — even for law enforcement — for a short-range weapon such as this.AmmoLand News and Brownells.

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Yes, you can win it by entering here. For all the details, check out our review here. A rifle like this is awesome, but we felt it needed a little authentic accessorizing to make it epic. A little flash and bang so to speak, with emphasis on the bang part. Invented init went into service in the early s.

The M79 stand-alone grenade launcher actually predates the M If you will recall the resident platoon badass in old Vietnam war movies, the M79 is the launcher with a wooden buttstock he carried along with bandoliers of 40mm grenades. The M allowed any rifle-equipped soldier to have grenade capability for use when appropriate without losing a rifle in the team's overall firepower.

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The original M was designed for attachment to an M16 rifle, but later versions like the MA1 and MA2 offered longer barrels, up to 12 inches, and the ability to mount to a standard M4 carbine. This M uses a 37mm smoothbore barrel. The original explodey model used a 40mm rifled barrel, so this replica is completely incompatible with the highly regulated explosive ammo for the military version. The M is a single-shot launcher that operates kind of like a break-action shotgun.

A release button on the left side allows the chamber and barrel to slide forward so you can insert a round into the breech. The unit has a trigger and a grip area for the support hand. The LMT M is made from aluminum and measures 15 inches overall, including the inch smooth-bore barrel. If you order this unit, you must also acquire the correct mounting kit for your specific rifle.

Since the trajectory of grenade rounds are more like bricks than bullets, the standard rifle sights are of no use when flinging 37mm shells. No worries, there are solutions to get you on target with reasonable accuracy. The M mounting kit includes a flip-up leaf sight that works in conjunction with the standard A2 front sight on the M16 or in this case, BRN AR rifle. The leaf has graduations in meter increments ranging from 50 to There are a variety of legal ammo options from folks like American Specialty Ammo you can buy ready to go.

The M is a perfect platform for launching aerial flares. OK, so this setup may not be practical, or Coast Guard approved for your boat safety tool kit, but it sure is cool, especially at night.

37mm Ammo with a BANG: Exotic Firearms - 37mm Launcher

Be careful; flares can set fires, so choose your shooting range with care.A Note on 37mm Ammunition:. Not all 37mm ammunition is alike.

That being the case, ammunition manufactured by ALS, CTS, Chemring and other suppliers can differ in terms of rim diameter, rim profile and other measurements. All rights reserved. Specifications for Launchers are subject to change without notice. Photos of launchers may show accessories that are not included in the purchase price. During both WW1 and WW2 37mm was a standard artillery caliber for virtually all of the combatants.

37mm concussion

Such casings and deactivated rounds are widely available to collectors. They will not chamber in our launchers and no modification to any 37mm launcher should ever be attempted to accommodate such ammunition.

Firing 37mm artillery ammunition from a launcher would doubtless result in the death and dismemberment of the shooter and likely everyone within 20 yards. Anything else might not work and could be very, very dangerous. That means that they burn HOT! Please exercise caution when using such ammunition. Flares can reach degrees and present a fire risk if used carelessly.

Be aware of what is downrange and use common sense when using our products. That said, Ordnance Group launchers will handle standard 37mm ammunition made by any manufacturer. Available ammunition includes flares, smoke and other pyrotechnic rounds for civilian use. Ordnance Group launchers are ideal for use by SWAT Teams and others with critical tactical requirements as well as hobbyists and re-enactors.

Some ammunition that made by SAGE Manufacturing, for example is purposely constructed to only work in their launcher products. If the ammunition that you have does not follow the general profile of standard 37mm rounds as shown on the rightdo not attempt to chamber it. Please contact us your dealer if you have any questions. A Note on 37mm Ammunition: Not all 37mm ammunition is alike.

View on Mobile.Super Breakers. Blue and Red and Green. Nothing like 12ga boat flares. Visable for miles. Ordnance Group launchers can chamber and fire virtually any 37mm ammunition out there. This is an important consideration since ammo specs can vary widely. Below is a sampling of the ammunition that is available for 37mm launchers. Note that some rounds can only be sold to Law Enforcement personnel.

Contact us for more information. Wasp Round.

37mm concussion

Concussion Rounds. The most popular round that we sell. The ultimate in wildlife control. The payload travels feet and then explodes with a resounding BANG. Thunder Rain. Very bright flash and a wildlife scaring BANG.

A reasonable facsimile of the professional round. All rights reserved. Specifications for Launchers are subject to change without notice. Photos of launchers may show accessories that are not included in the purchase price.

Super Breakers An amazing display and loud report. Flares Blue and Red and Green. Wasp Round Highly effective Less Lethal impact round. LE Only! MegaComets Blue and Red. Amazingly long tails. Concussion Rounds The most popular round that we sell.

Thunder Rain Great visual effect. Bright light with crackles and report. Comets Gold and Silver. Like the Super Breaker but without the Bang. View on Mobile.All ammunition shipped to the remainder of the state of New York must be shipped to a local FFL for transfer.

All ammunition for the state of California must be shipped to a local FFL for transfer. Specific types of ammunition may be restricted in some areas. Please check all state and local laws in your area. Residents of CT must provide a copy of their valid state ID and firearm or ammunition permit card. The best signal round money can buy. Shoots feet of sparks to alert your location or signal distress.

Two Slugs connected by steel wire. Great for cutting down small trees and thick brush. Not sure what you like, try the sample pack.

Tiny lead shot filled cup acts as a solid projectile. Equal to an actual blast. Safe for all shotguns and flare pistols.

Available in a 6 round pack, a 25 round pack and a 50 round pack. Qty: Size:.

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Double your chances of hitting your target!!!! One Shot. Two Slugs! Double the punch, the impact and the chance of hitting your target all in one shot! This 12 gauge round is loaded with two slugs. The recoil is a little heavier than a standard load and so are the results! At 25 yards the two slugs will strike your objective about 2 inches apart. At 50 yards, the strike spreads to nearly a foot apart! Unbelieveable twin knock-down power!! This 12 Gauge round is loaded with Birdshot.

A Sample Pack of our three meanest rounds. Want to try it all? Now you can and at a discount! Get one pack of 3 round of our 12 gauge rounds listed below.

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