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All graphics and images on this site are copyright. Custom Search. Old Classic Car C R. Jones Content not to be reproduced elsewhere. Website by ableweb.The agreed exchange of shares in Morris or Austin for shares in the new holding company, BMC, became effective in mid-April The first chairman was Lord Nuffield William Morrisbut he was replaced at the end of by Austin's Leonard Lord[5] who continued in that role until his 65th birthday inbut handing over, in theory at least, the managing director responsibilities to his deputy George Harriman in BMC's headquarters were at the Austin Longbridge plantnear Birmingham and Austin was the dominant partner in the group mainly because of the chairman.

The use of Morris engine designs was dropped within three years and all new car designs were coded ADO from "Amalgamated Drawing Office".

British Motor Corporation

The Longbridge plant was up to date, having been thoroughly modernised inand compared very favourably with Nuffield's 16 different and often old-fashioned factories scattered over the Midlands. Austin's management systems, however, especially cost control and marketing, were not as good as Nuffield's and as the market changed from a shortage of cars to competition, this was to tell.

bmc lorries

The result was that although volumes held up well throughout the BMC era, market share fell as did profitability and hence investment in new models, triggering the merger with Jaguar Cars to form British Motor Holdings BMHand the government-sponsored merger of BMH with Leyland Motor Corporation in At the time of the mergers, a well established dealership network was in place for each of the marques.

Among the car-buying British public was a tendency of loyalty to a particular marque and marques appealed to different market segments. This meant that marques competed against each other in some areas, though some marques had a larger range than others. The Riley and Wolseley models were selling in very small numbers. Styling was also getting distinctly old-fashioned and this caused Leonard Lord, in an unusual move for him, to call upon the services of an external stylist.

This resulted in the creation of three "Farina" saloonseach of which was badge-engineered to fit the various BMC car lines. The compact Farina model bowed in with the Austin A40 Farina.

This is considered by many to be the first mass-produced hatchback car: a small estate version was produced with a horizontally split tailgate, its size and configuration would today be considered that of a small hatchback. These small cars used the A-Series engine. Later, the design was licensed in Argentina and produced as the Siam Di TellaTraveller station wagon and Argenta pick-up.

The mid-size cars used the B-Series straight-4 engine. Most of these cars lasted untilthough the Di Tellas remained until They were replaced with a new Farina body style and most were renamed.

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These mostly remained in production untilwith no rear-wheel drive replacement produced.By posting content to TruckNet, you're agreeing to our terms of use and confirm that you have read our Privacy Policyand our Cookie Use Policy.

You acknowledge that any personal data you post on TruckNet may be accessed by other members of TruckNet and visitors to the forum. Skip to content. Advanced search. Contact Us. Austin Morris BMC Remember when going scotch if from the southor going down to the smoke if from the northwas long distance?

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When Middle East work was readily available?. When driving a or F89 meant you were truly the king of the road? Recall those companies long gone, where every day was an adventure? What ever happened to those drivers you spent hours with. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive anyway.

Regards JOHN. HEC This wagon was new in Septemberand replaced an 18 month-old [zb] 5 tonner, which was as unstable as a pig on castors. MJM Cheers, cattle wagon man. The downside was the downtime, man that wagon broke down a lot, mostly fuel pump throttle linkage and injector pipe problems, last straw was a broken halfshaft. Never saw it again,out of warranty I heard they put a Comet in it, I was now the happy driver of a new Leyland Comet with 7car Carrimore and no downtime.

Man's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn It was brought out to try and rival the D series Ford but lacked development time, it suffered numerous changes to its cooling system over the years to try and correct airlocks but eventually the engine was fitted in the vertical position to become the Boxer and was much improved.

They all overheated in the workshop and were returned to the factory without even venturing past the garage doors. The earlier FFK and FHK series were reliable enough and the FGK's 30cwt, 2, 3 or 4 tons payloads proved fine for local delivery work, though a couple of local companies ran them on a trunk service from Reading to Glasgow which stretched the four cylinder engine a little.

I drove them for many miles and they were ok for the time, steering was a little heavy but men were men back then!

bmc lorries

The 6 cylinder FGK was a better machine with an optional five speed gearbox, two speed axle and optional power steering, they could carry 6 tons and tared at under 3 tons so could be driven on a car license. The BMC 3. A nightmare to work on though, removing the nearside wheel to get at the rocker cover and then having to remove every stud from the cylinder head before you could squeeze it out between the cab base and the chassis rail!

And dont even mention the three piece sump!The Austin marque started with the Austin Motor Companyand survived a merger with the Nuffield Organisation to form the British Motor Corporationincorporation into the British Leyland Motor Corporationnationalisation as British Leyland BL forming part of its volume car division Austin Morris later Austin Roverand later privatisation as part of the Rover Group and was finally phased out as a brand in Models are placed according to which era they were first produced, some models carried over between eras of the marque.

Complying with London Metropolitan Police Area and Heathrow regulations also non-compliant hire car variants.

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Austin Motor Company road car timeline. Categories : Lists of cars Austin vehicles. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Articles with short description Use dmy dates from January Use British English from January Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Twelve; then from — Heavy Twelve-Four. Clifton tourer, LichfieldSherborne and Cambridge saloons Colwyn cabriolet, sports tourer. London Low Loading Taxicab. London Flash Lot Taxicab. A90 Atlantic Convertible. A90 Atlantic Saloon. A60 Cambridge Australia. Nomad [4]. Sold as the Austin from March to September and then as the Princess through to Heavy Twelve-Four hire-car chassis amended to comply Reg.

The classic Black cab Hackney carriage Entirely manufactured by Carbodies from Small family car. Light Twelve. Heavy Twelve. Full-size car.This seven tonne truck spent much of its life in storage until being subject to a professional restoration by Strictly Classics.

I will genuinly be very sad to see her go. But she has served her perpose now and its time for her to move on. The truck is fitted with its original 3. It starts immediately - hot. In period. The truck is fitted with servo assisted drum brakes. The beaver tail recovery body is clad with genuine Keruing wood bed made from boards shipped from Malaysia - a very durable hardwood with a resin that is oily and will not deteriorate.

The bed has been built with two kicks in the tail to make a smooth ark this is very usefull for custom low vehicles along with extra long reinforced ramps for extra ground clearance that slide inside the body at the tail of the truck. As shown in the images. A superbly restored truck which would be ideal for transporting your classic car. Perfect for that period look and extra wow factor.

I finnished this two years ago and used it as an advert for my classic campervan hire company. It truly done the job it really advertised my company well. We also took it for pleasure to classic and vintage rallies in the south east area. This is a heartbreaking sale for me. The sign writing shown on the vehicle are laser cut stickers and can be easily removed and have been left on the vehicle for display purposes. Initially designed as delivery trucks around the cities.

The small lower cabin windows allowed the driver to see the curb at all times when making deliveries in the city. It was often affectionately nicknamed a 'Thrupenny Bit' due to the hexagonal shape cabin - a result of the rear facing doors opening backwards. This made it handy for local deliveries. Car location : chelmsford, Essex, United Kingdom. Do you like this car? Name E-mail Text Antispam code: enter the number.Its products include commercial trucks, buses, military trucks and armoured vehicles.

Exports of Austin trucks from the UK to Turkey began in In later years BMC evolved and developed other models with partnerships with other firms and the successors of the British Motor Corporation which became British Leyland.

First, the Leyland 30 was released into the market as the first full-size van. These were followed by the Fatih series of trucks which offered Cummins diesel engines.

Both the Yavuz and the Fatih used Leyland 's old G-series cab, also referred to as the "Redline" or the "Bathgate" cab after the plant where it was originally built. From that moment on, BMC started to produce its own indigenous product line, independent from other manufacturers.

InBMC started the production of the Profesyonel series, which are produced in Turkey and since under licence in Iran. A modernized version of the Profesyonel is sold as the "Professional". BMC also produces buses as part of the Belde series since and Probus series. There is a small truck line called the "Levend", with either a cabover or a short bonneted design.

SinceBMC exports trucks and buses to numerous countries around the world. The 2. Currently BMC is actively designing, developing and realizing mass production of its products. Its research and development activities are being carried out independently. Today BMC are about to start the mass production of units of Altay Turkish Main Battle Tank, designing indigenous engines for tanks and armoured vehicles.

BMC has also a partnership of design and mass production of domestic passenger car. BMC is also active in rail systems. In 2 nd generation of Kirpi, the Kirpi-2 is introduced.

Lightly armored than Kirpi, Amazon is introduced in BMC produces military trucks; beginning from 8x8 tank transporter, 6x6 10 tonner, 4x4 5 tonner up to 2,5 tonner. Other specialized military vehicles are also being produced like Riot Control Vehicles or Hidden Armored Buses looks like a soft skin commercial bus from the outside. Other than wide variety of military vehicles, BMC has also various different commercial vehicles as well.

Buses starting from 8,5m, 9m, 10m, 12m, upto 18m articulated buses and 14m airport apron buses is on mass production with 3 different engine selection diesel, CNGelectric. Commercial trucks having engines with Euro6 engine emission levels with various different models are also on product range. Tractors, construction and haulage trucks with many different engine, transmission and cabin selection are presented to market.

bmc lorries

BMC produced BMC designs, develops and produces various different military vehicles. Other than its standard products, BMC has the capability of designing every different vehicle according to end user requirements out of its extensive engineering experiences. BMC produces every variation of urban buses for commercial transportation with 3 different engine selection diesel, CNG, electric including 18m articulated bus.

BMC also produces apron buses for airport uses. BMC produces various different commercial trucks for commercial transport uses with different transmission and cabin selection. Emission level of the engines of the trucks are Euro6.

BMC has the capability to develop state of the art, cutting-edge technology vehicles according to end user requirements. In. Other than these two contracts, BMC will also be developing engines up to HP for naval industry as well. BMC is planning to produce Train and metros. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. BMC in Turkish.British motor corporation.

This A40 Devon engine was based on a pre-war Side-valve design. Since the A40 Devon engine could not have its capacity enlarged, a new engine was designed, which, although superficially similar, was longer and heavier than the A40 Devon engine. The design of this new engine commenced around Januaryand was designated as the "B" series. Displacements ranged widely from 1.

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Petrol versions were produced in the greatest numbers, but diesel versions exist for both cars and marine applications. The engine was of conventional construction with a one-piece crankcase and cylinder block in cast iron with the crankcase extending down to the lowest level of the main bearing caps, and with cylinder head also usually in cast iron. The sump was made from pressed steel. Early engines used a three-bearing crankshaft, but later engines used five bearings.

Bmc Presents Potato Harvesting (1962)

On all except the rare twin overhead camshaft variant, the camshaft — which was chain driven and mounted low in the block — operated the overhead valves via pushrods and rocker arms. Valve clearance was adjustable by screws on the rocker arms with access to the tappets by two side covers on the engine block, this feature being a hang over from side valve engine design, but it provides easy access to the camshaft tappets.

The 1. The bore was Init was used in the original MGA. Bore was There was also a diesel version of this engine size. The engine block was cast iron, but the crossflow eight-port cylinder head was of aluminium alloy. Drive to the twin camshafts was by chain from a gear-driven, half-speed shaft running in the space that would have been occupied by the conventional camshaft. This engine gained a reputation for being unreliable in service, especially in the high-compression version which needed high-octane fuel, but this has now been largely overcome.

The piston burning habits — thought to be the result of ignition timing — was later discovered to be due to a vibration induced lean burn situation involving the float bowls, easily correctable by flexibly mounting the carburettors.

The engine was enlarged again to 1. The engine at first had a three-bearing crankshaft with a five-bearing version appearing in There was also a diesel version of this capacity, used in the Leyland Sherpa van, and built under license in Turkey for many years. It is still widely used on narrowboats on the canals of the UK. There was sometimes a country indicator after the first part of the code, e.

Toggle Navigation. Engine types 1. Engine numbering There were two series of engine numbers used; BMC changed the system at the end of Gallery Gallery. About Edited By Chris. Published date Tuesday, 02 September BMC-B-Series engine details and history. Updated Saturday, 04 May Read more in this section. BMC C-Series engine Read more BL O-Series engine BL S-Series engine

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